Our Involvement

Gruene Guitars supports causes that help veterans deal with service related issues. One such cause is The Healing Box Project
that helps veterans deal with PTSD and other related issues that so many of our Brothers and Sisters in service have
and do experience. The transition from the uniform to civilian life can be a struggle at times for not only the service
member but their families as well. 
Gruene Guitars is a veteran owned business
The Healing Box Project

When approached by The Healing Box Project we were honored to help.
A organization that was created to help veterans deal with PTSD and other issues related to service to our country.
The idea of putting guitars in the hands of people hurting to help them get through and live a better life we just had to get involved.

The Healing Box Project

Organization for Veterans 
The greatest casualty is being forgotten®" is the motto of the Wounded Warrior Project
and applies to the Healing Box Project as well. 

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