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At Gruene Guitars we believe that a Gruene Guitar is the best therapist you can ever
buy. It's a companion that will be with you any time you need a friend. Music has a way of helping us heal.

The Healing Box Project -Veterans Program

The Healing Box Project

The Healing Box Project -
Veterans Program
Gruene Guitars supports The Healing Box Project that helps veterans deal with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), and other service-related challenges.  The transition from the military service to civilian life can be a struggle for not only the service member but also for their families as well. As veteran-owned company, Gruene Guitars has chosen The Healing Box Project as the recipient of our support. 

The idea of putting guitars in the hands of veterans to help them meet and overcome their challenges, we consider an honor. We just had to get involved. 

The Greatest Casualty is Being Forgotten is the motto of the Wounded Warrior Project and applies to the Healing Box Project, as well. 
A portion of each sale of a Gruene guitar goes to help The Healing Box Project. 

Rick Landers
Support for the Families of the Children impacted by the shooting in Uvalde, TX @ Robb Elementary.

RIck Landers

Rick is a member of the Gruene Guitar family and plays a Gruene Guitar. Awarding wining artist, Rick has setup a way with his music to help the victims in Uvalde Texas. Thanks Rick.

I Feel The Rain by Rick Landers
100% of proceeds received for downloads of this draft (first recording) song will be donated to support the families of those children who were killed or injured (physically/mentally) at Robb Elementary in Texas. I will check out charitable organizations to find one that I find responsible in the administration and distribution of their funds to support recipients of their funds. - Rick