Gruene Guitars


Our Background
The old proverb, "necessity is the mother of invention" sure holds true when two friends got together at Gruene Hall in Gruene, TX.

John & James had know each other for years and had been playing & collecting high end acoustic guitars for years.


The Magical of
Gruene Guitars

The perfect guitar just eluded us, didn't matter if it was a new Martin, Taylor or something else. One thing led to another and they followed their instincts and each listed the characteristics of what they considered to be the perfect acoustic guitar. And from that Gruene Guitar was born. 

Our Passion
We believe that music is a universal language and brings harmony to the world, especially when the music resonates from a Gruene Guitar

Our Guitars
Our guitars are built from the finest materials and handmade delivering the highest quality at an affordable price

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