The DG-50 is the Pinnacle of Gruene Guitars.
It's not by accident either, years of design, engineering and testing have gone into the creation of the DG-50. Completely "hand" built. Using no power tools, the DG-50 has and will always be complete handmade. 

The sound is absolutely "Amazing"  and about as close to the holy grail of the guitar wood you can buy. As it begins to come into it's own you begin to experience the tone of this guitar and  a wonderful complex tones. It takes a little bit from new for it to gain it's voice, usually about three months of playing and it voice comes a live.  A fantastic  low end very controlled high end, and a perfect midrange and reminder of Brazilian Rosewood, but yet still with it's own qualities.  Perfectly balances all ranges of sound. 

Our DG-50 has all of the bling you could desire making it perhaps the Finest Production Dreadnought built.  Compare Gruene DG-50 to a Martin D-45 see the difference. Click Here


Back and Sides: Solid African Blackwood

Top: Standard Select Adirondack Spruce

You can purchase the DG-50 through a Certified Dealer or through our Online Store

If wish to purchase here you can by clicking this link for Purchase Now

Pricing: DG-50 MSRP: $4,900.00 USD (Includes Transporting/Shipping) 

Gruene DG-50 vs Martin D-45
Gruene DG-50 WINS!!!

Gruene DG-50

DG-50 Solid African Blackwood
Is the closest you can get to Brazilian Rosewood

Gruene DG-50

DG-50 Select Grade of Adirondack Spruce
Considered the best top for a Guitar

Gruene DG-50

Gruene DG-50 completely 100% hand built. 
no Power Tools used. All hand built. 

Gruene DG-50

Price: $4,600.00
Hand Delivered by a member of Gruene Guitars

Martin D-45

D-45 - Standard East Indian Rosewood
Same wood used on a Gruene DG-40.

Martin D-45

D-45 Standard Sitka Spruce
Same wood used on a Gruene DG-40.

Martin D-45

Power tools and power sanded. Partially Hand built. 

Martin D-45

Shipped by common shipping carrier.

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