Z Series (Ziricote)

The Gruene Guitars Z-Series guitars are built using solid Mexican Ziricote that produces a rich tone that is comparable to Brazilian Rosewood in that it has rich bass with a deep booming sound prominent sustain with sparkling highs.  Paired with a Bachmann Spruce top has a incredible sound. The beauty of Bachmann, master select 15 year aged spruce is outstanding.  We think it has a tone that is a blend between Adirondack and Sitka Spruce.  This master-select grade is usually use in building High-End expensive violins. But we had a different idea for it. 

AZ-37 Auditorium Cutaway


Back and Sides: Solid Mexican Ziricote (with a Armrest)
Top: Master Select Bachmann Spruce Aged 15 Years
AZ-37 in addition to Gruene Guitar commitment to build only solid wood guitars, . 

Pricing: AZ-37 MSRP: NYA

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