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We are committed to build some of the finest guitars on the planet. Always Playable-Out-of-the-Box. 

We will always create high-end, professional grade acoustic guitars that are ready to play "out-of-the-box." All hand made guitars using only solid wood back & sides, and solid wood tops

Every Gruene Guitar is made of 100% solid woods. 

Pictured Headstock of the Pinnacle of Guitars Gruene's DG-50

Gruene Guitars is a Veteran Owned Business

Gruene Guitars 

Whether your a professional or a performing artist Gruene Guitars offers the best high-grade guitars you can purchase. At Gruene Guitars we consider all players as "performing artist'. 
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Gruene Guitar Gallery

We've created a gallery of photos of Gruene Guitars, it's a great way to view all of Gruene Guitars and catch some of our videos:
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In The Studio

In the studio has some music and tracks cut by various artist and people all performing on Gruene Guitars. 
Also has sneak listen into new models and upcoming models. 
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About Gruene Guitars

Our Background
The old proverb, "necessity is the mother of invention" sure holds true when two friends got together at Gruene Hall in Gruene, TX.  John & James had know each other for years and had been playing & collecting high end acoustic guitars for years.

The perfect guitar just eluded us, didn't matter if it was a new Martin, Taylor or something else. The let's solve the problem took over and they took what they knew, listing the characteristics of what they considered to be the perfect acoustic guitar. From that Gruene Guitar was born. It continues, every model we make goes through months, years of proofing and prototypes and testing. We don't release a production guitar until it is "Perfect" and fit to carry the name; Gruene

Our Passion
We believe that music is a universal language and brings harmony to the world, especially when the music resonates from a Gruene Guitar

Our Guitars
Our guitars are built from the finest materials and handmade delivering the highest quality at an affordable price. Built to be "Playable Out of the Box"

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Two Friends Playing Gruene Guitars


Why Buy a Gruene Guitar?

[01] Attention to detail

We build our guitars by hand, and like others, we use power tools and modern technology to get form and fit right in order to offer you exceptional guitars. Our highly skilled workers rely on traditional and innovative methods to build beautiful guitars with tonal soundscapes to please the most selective professional guitarist, whether they are playing at home, on stage or in the studio.
The one exception to the use of power tool is the 50 Series African Blackwood Guitars, It is all done using hand tools 

[02] Learn from the best

Many of our builders and finishers learned their trade from some of the finest in the guitar building business, working for highly respected guitar companies like Martin, Taylor and Gibson. They joined us because of our passion and desire to build the finest high-grade guitars at reasonable and very competitive prices.

[03] Our Disciplined Development

At Gruene Guitars we have learned that no matter how great an idea sounds, it takes a lot of disciplined development, many prototype builds, countless hours of research, sourcing and assembly to build a guitar worthy to bear the name Gruene. As an example, project, to make sure that our OM models are second to none. .

[04] Commitment to Details 

Every Gruene guitar is built with precision and care. And our wood selection we take personally, buying only the finest woods available for guitar building. From our lowest priced WA-40 models to our top end DG-50 guitars, we work to ensure that Gruene guitars are the best guitars available for your money.

Gruene Showcase

Gruene DG-50
African Blackwoods 

The African Blackwood Series of Guitars are knows as the 50 Series. The 50 series were introduced in 2022. We are proud of these guitars they represent the workmanship and quality that only experience and a passion can produce. 

Model                               Year Introduced
DG-50  Dreadnought        2022
OM-50 Orchestra             New 2023
OG-50 Auditorium CA      New 2023
OG-50 Auditorium FB       New 2023

Gruene Guitars

Gruene Auditoriums take second place to no one
We build one of the finest auditorium guitars you can buy.  Chad Boyle (Performer, Singer Songwriter, recently sit down with a AG-20; a he looked at me and said how do you do it, this thing is just as loud and as clear as my DG-20. Normally a cutaway lacks depth, not yours".
Model                                 Body Style
AG-50                                Cut-Away***
AG-50F                              Full Body***
WA-45                               Full Body***
WA-40                               Full Body
AG-45                                Full Body***
AG-40                               Cut-Away
AG-37-GEZ                       Cut-Away
AG-25                                Full Body
AG-20                               Cut-Away
*** - New Models for 2023

Gruene Guitars JG-40
Ziricote - JG-40

JG-40 (formerly J-420-GEZ) is pure Gruene Jumbo. Not a J-40 or J-45 at all. We took some of the qualities that have made them great guitars and combined them. We designed the JG-40 to have a little fully waist, which produces a rich, warm tone.  Back & Sides are solid Ziricote  with a Bachmann Spruce Top (High Altitude Italian Spruce) aged 15 years to provide the depth and tone that Bachmann Spruce can create. The headstock is wrapped in maple and the logo is in pure Abalone.
Pure class and a tone that will melt hearts.
JG-40 a True Gruene Jumbo. Part of Gruene Guitars Jumbo Series of Guitars. 


Rick Landers
Rick Landers

Rick Landers | 5 out of 5 Stars!
My Gruene "Amelia" OG-30 arrived a few days ago and it's TERRIFIC and it played great right out of the box, fully set up and ready to romp. Gruene, by the way is pronounced "Green." I've owned over 100 guitars: pre-war Gibson's; pre-war Martins, etc...this is as good as any, but new, so not opened up yet to reach its full potential....I'm looking to buy another!

Rick Landers
Performing Artist & Publisher - Guitar International

Gruene DG-40 Headstock

AG-40 Adirondack Top
5 out of 5 Stars!
I'm blown away. Craftsmanship is on point. I went in blind not ever hearing of Gruene Guitars. John made my buying experience worth it all. John your the best. The guitar aka AG-40 is absolutely amazing and beautiful. Sounds amazing and I prefer it over my others. Great job Gruene Guitars I'm a fan. I love it. Great price for a handmade guitar. Thanks for everything John and your service..Darren

Alejandro Gonzalez
DG-40 Owner
I absolutely love this guitar. Wow. Thank you John

Gruene Guitars J-420-GEZ
Harold Reed
WA-40 Owner

5 out of 5 Stars
This is an amazing combination of a beautiful piece of art work and an exquisite musical instrument. I am blessed beyond my ability to Express my feelings of thankfulness and joy, God is good

Gruene DG-50
Douglas Beck

DG-50 and DG-40 Owner
After sitting and playing the 50, I was amazed. It compared favorably to my Martin D-35 as far as playability, tone, resonance and overall sound quality. And then...I made the mistake of also trying the 40. Both. Tried both, bought both.
Incredible playability, resonance, tone, and craftsmanship. They had me at playability, tone, resonance and overall sound quality...and then when I looked closely at the fine craftsmanship, the binding, the extra fine exotic woods, the finish, the intonation...I bought both.

Douglas Beck


Rick Landers
Chad Boyd

Chad Boyd | 5 out of 5 Stars!
I can’t say enough about the Gruene Guitars DG-20. I wish they had been around 20 years ago. I have a 20 year old high end acoustic guitar and the DG-20 gives it a run for its money right out of the box, which is amazing for a new guitar. The fit and finish are immaculate. The set up and playability are top notch, truly playable out of the box. There’s no need to take it to a luthier for a set up when it arrives like most guitar brands, just pick it up and play. The sound is phenomenal, it competes with much older, much more expensive high end guitars. I am blown away. I’ve played several of the other models of Gruene Guitars and they all have the same quality fit and finish, set up, and quality sound. I was amazed that so many different styles of guitars could all feel and play so similarly out of the box with no extra work or cost. I will definitely be purchasing a second and third guitar to take on the road with me this year. Get in now before the rest of the world finds out about them and you have to wait to get one. Look out Martin, Gibson, Guild, Collings, etc, etc, etc.

Chad Boyd
Performing Artist
Catch a show:

This is the owner of Gruene Guitars, relaxing in the backyard and entertaining as well. Enjoying one of his Gruene Guitars, the AG-20. Click the picture to hear a Gruene Guitar being played by Jim Byers, Sr VP of Gruene. 

John Byers

President Gruene Guitars

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