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We are committed to build some of the finest guitars on the planet that you can buy for the money.

We will always create professional grade acoustic guitars that are ready to play out of the box. Our guitars are made with the finest materials.

Every Gruene guitar is made of 100% solid woods. We will never build guitars with laminated woods, layered woods or wood veneer.

As you go through our pages you will find we have named several of our
guitars.  How do we name them? Well, they are all named after
members of the family. Daughters, Sister, Granddaughters, Niece or 
a member significant other.


Where it starts

For us it begins with a commitment to build a guitar that will be played enjoyed and pass along to the next generation. To play and enjoy, to be a companion

Sights and Sounds of Gruene Guitars. 

Gruene Guitars is Veteran Owned

Brennan Edwards 
Artist Followed By Gruene Guitars

Some fine Music

Why Buy a Gruene Guitar?

[01]   Attention to detail

We build our guitars by hand, and like others, we use power tools and modern technology to get form and fit right in order to offer you exceptional guitars. Our highly skilled workers rely on traditional and innovative methods to build beautiful guitars with tonal soundscapes to please the most selective professional guitarist, whether they are playing at home, on stage or in the studio.  The one exception to the use of power tool is the 50 Series African Blackwood Guitars,  It is all done using hand tools 

[02]   Learn from the best

Many of our builders and finishers learned their trade from some of the finest in the guitar building business, working for highly respected guitar companies like Martin, Taylor and Gibson. They joined us because of our passion and desire to build the finest high-grade guitars at reasonable and very competitive prices.  

[03]   Our Disciplined Development

At Gruene Guitars we have learned that no matter how great an idea sounds, it takes a lot of disciplined development, many prototype builds, countless hours of research, sourcing and assembly to build a guitar worthy to bear the name Gruene. As an example, project, to make sure that our OM models are second to none. . 

[04]  Commitment to Details 

Every Gruene guitar is built with precision and care. And our wood selection we take personally, buying only the finest woods available for guitar building. From our lowest priced WA-40 models to our top end DG-50 guitars, we work to ensure that Gruene guitars are the best guitars available for your money.. 

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